Stay Connected

Tips and Resources

Human connection is integral to mental health and well-being, so it is important to keep in touch, even if this may look different for a time. Explore below to find safe and meaningful ways to connect with loved ones and with your community.



  1. Strengthen relationships with those around you
  2. Check in with friends, family and neighbors often
  3. Set a goal to contact 1-2 of your closest friends every week
  4. Ask someone to be your support buddy
  5. Put on a mask and go on a walk with friends. Make it a regular thing
  6. Have a socially-distanced neighborhood hangout
  7. Stay connected virtually to community and faith groups
  8. Check in with others during remote work/school meetings
  9. Reach out to those coworkers, neighbors, and friends that you used to connect with but no longer see
  10. Organize virtual hangouts. Try a virtual paint night, trivia night, or game night

For Teens

  1. Encourage screen time that’s active and social rather than passive scrolling and video streaming
  2. Ask how your teen is connecting with peers. Steer them toward interactions they find more uplifting
  3. Encourage your teen to hang out where they can maintain social distance, like a park or a trail
  4. Be flexible with screen time if this is an important social outlet, but be mindful of your teen’s activity online
  5. Have open conversations about who your teens are communicating with. Be mindful of cyberbullying

For Kids

  1. Show your kids how you are keeping positive connections with others. Label it when it happens
  2. Include your kids on some phone calls and video visits with relatives (unless this interferes with your ability to connect)
  3. Create a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  4. Rather than watch Netflix alone, help your kids host a Netflix party with their friends
  5. Help your kids play video games with their friends virtually. Favor games with more interaction




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