Connect with Nature

Tips and Resources

Limitations on activities during the pandemic and an increased reliance on screens can make it hard to be present in the natural world. Explore below to learn how to incorporate safe outdoor activities into your routine and find ways to bring nature indoors.



  1. Cold outside? Try these 50 ways to connect with nature in winter
  2. Schedule daily time outdoors, even if this requires your family to bundle up
  3. If you will be around others, wear a mask and practice social distancing and hand hygiene. Stay home if you feel sick
  4. Try taking your fitness routine outside
  5. Plan picnic outings with your family, or eat meals in your yard
  6. Bring art outdoors
  7. Start a garden or a window box. Learn the names of plants in your neighborhood
  8. Explore a new outdoor hobby like birdwatching
  9. Go hiking, biking, or skiing. Avoid overly-trafficked trails and stay 6ft apart, especially in lift lines
  10. Find walks around your neighborhood if you don’t have access to nature trails, or try a virtual hike
  11. Watch nature documentaries or try a virtual field trip




Frequently Asked Questions: Connecting with Nature

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How can I know how busy a trail is before I go?

A. is an excellent online resource where people that use trails are able to report on trail condition and traffic. As a rule of thumb, harder, less accessible hikes have less foot traffic.


What if I don’t have time to drive up a canyon and go for a hike?


Walks around your neighborhood can be an effective alternative to hiking if you are crunched for time. Take note of the wildlife in your own neighborhood.


I don’t like hiking by myself, can I hike with friends?


Following social distancing protocols and using masks is recommended if you are with those that are outside of your normal circle.

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I have a hard time getting around, even just in my neighborhood. Are there any activities for me?


There are many activities that allow you to connect with nature from your home, from birdwatching to nature documentaries. For ideas, check out this list from

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